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Breaking Barriers

Who the fu*k is nieds?

Welcome to our community - where unique experiences are created in a sustainable and meaningful way!

We strive for a world where every experience, is not only meaningful but transformative, bringing people and communities together to appreciate humanity and the beauty of our planet. We fight for a world where tourism becomes an extraordinary experience for all, where people find a better life by sharing their culture, inviting strangers in, and creating lasting memories together. Instead of striving to be the "best" booking platform, we are dedicated to continuous improvement, one experience at a time. We want to be the impetus for change, transformation, unforgettable memories and deep meaning.

Our vision: A world of change

We are more than just a company. We are a brand that aims to revolutionize the way we travel, experience and explore our world. At Nieds, we strongly believe that travel is not just about visiting places, but also about making connections that deeply touch, define and change us.

Our vision is to create a world of change. A world in which we appreciate and protect the beauty and diversity of our nature. A world where cultural differences are seen as enrichment and where we can enjoy life to the fullest together in a sustainable way. We dream of a world where local communities are strengthened, the environment is preserved and social justice prevails.

Meaningful Tourism and Sustainability: Our
Core Values and Responsibility

Our experiences are all about Meaningful Tourism and sustainability. This means we are passionate about ensuring that experiences have a positive and lasting impact on the world. We understand that every step we take has an impact - on the environment, local people and cultural diversity. Nieds is not just about visiting beautiful places, but also about building deep connections with people, cultures and nature. Every moment you experience with us is carefully crafted to add value not only to you, but also to the people and places we visit.

Unique experiences with profound meaning

We firmly believe that every journey holds the possibility of being a transformative experience for your life. Our unique experiences are designed to awaken your senses, open your heart and evoke profound emotions. Immerse yourself in the fascinating stories and traditions of local communities, experience the beauty and wonder of nature, and find yourself meeting inspiring people. Each experience is carefully curated to give you profound meaning and create unforgettable memories. Feel the magic of moments where you connect with people, places and cultures - moments that can change your life forever.

Our unique selling point:
Meaningful Tourism and the transformation of the travel world

What sets us apart from other providers? Our own unique concept of Meaningful Tourism. We go beyond the usual sightseeing and create deep connections between travelers and the places they visit. We pride ourselves on being not just travelers, but creators of meaningful experiences and ambassadors of change. We are committed to tourism that creates change and benefits people and the environment. Through our carefully crafted experiences, we provide opportunities for travelers to engage with local communities, their traditions, and their way of life. By focusing on Meaningful Tourism, we aim to spark a movement of positive change in the travel world.

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Your contribution for a better world and active part of our mission

Nieds is not only about creating unforgettable memories, but also about leaving a positive impact. Every step you take with us has meaning. Through your support, you help strengthen local communities, protect the environment and advance social justice. You'll be part of a movement that advocates for sustainable tourism and meaningful change in the world.

Learn more about our current projects, discover the diversity of our unique experiences, and become part of the Nieds community. Get ready for unforgettable adventures that not only touch your soul, but also create positive change in the world. Immerse yourself in a world of Meaningful Tourism, where travel leads to a deeper connection with people, cultures and nature. Be part of our mission to make the world a better place and make a real difference.

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Our team

Moritz Freise


I grew up in Berlin and have had the privilege of exploring the world since childhood. I have always loved making deep connections with people and their cultures on my travels to broaden my own horizons. The common experiences we share on meaningful journeys not only shape our lives, but shape us as people. For this reason, it is of great importance to create as many memorable moments as possible, whether alone, with friends, family, or even with strangers.

After my studies, I made it my mission to give people the opportunity to create even more unforgettable moments in their lives through special experiences. Personally, I am very keen that every destination we visit is valued and promoted in a sustainable way. It is time to stop unbalanced tourism and find new ways to create travel and experiences in a sustainable way.

It's time for a change! Are you ready?

We are looking for you!

Are you interested in being a co-founder or team member and to help us to change life on our planet in a positive way? Feel free to write an email to with the subject Team!